July 31, 2010

I started another blog...


I started another blog...actually two.
I have been doing more printing lately and this blog and another are connected.
I will probably still post things here also but for right now and working on building up the blog over there.
It has been cool here, in the 50's...and we have been wearing jackets to the beach.  But we haven't had to use an air conditioner...more like wool blankets at night. lol.
Hope you all are staying cool and having a wonderful summer.


Lynn Cohen said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will go check out the new blog.
We are pleasantly warm...had some hammock time this morning soaking up some Vit. D.
Came in and got into some of my boxes of art materials in the garage to get started on my next project. But instead found I had too much to put away first before I can begin much of anything new. Slow process this, but it will happen. Happiness on you!

Paula said...

I love your blog!
Have a nice time!