October 10, 2009

Miro's Study Journal Page 9

I love the feeling this picture has.  He is singing his heart out.  You can just feel him inhale as he looks as he has a lot of air.  I like the frets on the guitar and how they run off the image.  The keys are interestingly placed and provide more feeling in the picture than realism.  One thing I would not have noticed before I started to draw this was that there is a little bird, it looks like a parot, that comes to get the flower out of his hat.

I used markers for this and it was kinda a new experience using them on this hemp paper. They kinda ran or wouldn't get a medium color that I wanted.  What I learned?  Just keep drawing and keep having fun. Experiment.  Let go of expectation and learn from the markers what they have to tell you about themselves.