January 11, 2010

Black and White

When I see this now I can't help but thinking about the earthquake.  But I actually made this last week and finished it Thursday, way before the earthquake.

  I was really excited to use the black and white fabric.  I wanted to make something you might see at the MOMA.  But when I got through with the black and white piecing I thought the world was spinning around and around.  I thought I will never get these lines and dots to hold still.
I am not sure that I have now either.
But going with the idea of modern art and a tea cozy I decided to create the cup and saucer theme.
After I got through with it I wasn't really happy with her expression.  She just looks confused.
I think fitting that there is a question mark on the side of her head.  But there is also a yellow spiral which seems to me to show that she is going to use her imagination.
She is going to get out of the

I understand this kind of thinking.  When I get looped into the duality of two different opposing forces I find myself in the SLOUGH OF DESPOND.   I want the way I want things to be to match the way things are.  I want the lines to be parallel...everything going in the same direction ...the way I want them to go.
when I get in this mode of thinking I stop treating people as humans.  I start resorting to the more efficient method of treating them like machines.

I have to stop my self from REACTING and start CHOOSING MY RESPONSE.

Otherwise I will wear this dull expression and shut down emotionally.  I am not able to connect to others and no one is on my side.  I feel isolated, alone and miserable.  This is the side of anger turned in.

I am a rather deep thinker and doing these kinds of cloth are the kinds of conversations that I would like to have with a human...but it is so hard to get on that level because we lack time.  But I desire, crave and delight when something has come up from the well that is really SPIRITUAL in nature, to me anyway.
I really feel it is a gift to me, to show me THE WAY.