February 10, 2010

Aging Woman Hand Carved Lino

I have been busy hand carving this bookmark called "Aging Woman".

These are some of the proofs.
Proofs are the prints that you do to get the images that you finally settle on.
 This is a bookmark about a woman as she ages.
She tries to look young or act young by putting on a mask and putting on a role.
The mask could be literal or figurative.
She feels young, and she can't come to terms with the fact that their is a leak...
It reminds me of our resistance to change that creates a more unreal mask as we age.  Some people do this literally and some do it by "acting as if" they were young and happy....when they are lonely and have not realistically connected  to the dreams that they wanted and the realities they have lived.  Some are so used to playing the part that the mask has become part of the psyche.
We all have to look and see the person we are, the person we would like to be. 
The face we give to the world.
We all feel there is a leak.  We feel young, but our body tells us a different story.
If only we knew what we know today and could begin again.
How we would live differently?

Soon I will have one of these bookmark posted in my ART SWAP, BARTER and TRADE blog.