May 13, 2010

The Lady of Shallots

Isaac finished his cage for the rabbit.
He changes the grass and rearranges the cage to make it interesting for them.
I have created a shallot garden.  

It reminds me of this song when I see it.
  Here are my strawberry plants. 
I decided to keep them in pots to try to minimize the weeds.
My herb garden has mint, oregano, thyme, marjoram and rosemary.
Today I transplanted my cactus plants. 
Two of these have won blue ribbons for Isaac in the Coos Country Fair.
Here is Catherine's wheatgrass. 
We have been talking about going on a raw food diet.
It will probably not be 100 percent raw ...but just some additions to our diet.
Here are my new raised beds that I got a month ago.

Here they are today.  
I have a lot of clean up work still to do...
but I am really proud of all the progress that I have made. 
We have onions, fennel, calendula, radishes, kale and broccoli in the garden so far.

Last year my garden was created from pallots with cardboard boxes to hold the dirt.  The above picture is from last year and is where my shallot garden is now.Right now we have been having some really nice weather so it is time to garden.

I have been working on my hexagon quilt at night...and shortly I will have some other surprises to show you.