July 31, 2010

I started another blog...


I started another blog...actually two.
I have been doing more printing lately and this blog and another are connected.
I will probably still post things here also but for right now and working on building up the blog over there.
It has been cool here, in the 50's...and we have been wearing jackets to the beach.  But we haven't had to use an air conditioner...more like wool blankets at night. lol.
Hope you all are staying cool and having a wonderful summer.

July 5, 2010

Lynn Stopped By Today!!!

I feel very blessed with a visit from Lynn at Getting My Feet Wet.
Lynn and I have been blogging friends for almost a year.  When we had an earthquake in January she emailed me to make sure we were ok.  She is thoughtful and extremely creative.

Well today she came by for a visit.  She brought her husband Fred.  We had a good time having show and tell.  She gave me a couple pillow cases that she had embroidered on her trip.  I  wanted to get them on here before she gets home.

They are so beautiful.  They are the nicest pillow cases I have ever owned. 
Thank you, Lynn.