January 5, 2010

Having Tea!

I have been slowly emerging from the holidays.
I have been cleaning and rejuvenating.
I have been rereading my journal from last year,
and contemplating the directions I would like to take in the new year.

To help with all this, I have been drinking tea every day.
Sometimes in the morning, and sometimes before bed.
Sometimes it has be a tea bag
but often it has been mint tea or chamomile tea out of my garden.

The best part of all has been having this tea cozy to help celebrate the ritual of having tea.
This tea cozy was given to me for a Christmas present by my friend Ancient Cloth.
How many different words are there for how much this means to me?
I love it!
  It so represents my heart and my journey and our friendship.

She sent me a note with the meaning of the different symbols,
and a special note about the moon fabric.
She wrote, "The butterfly emerges from the pain and fears we face.
Of course the stars are all connected.
The moon fabric I used is from the New England Quilt Museum for In The Beginning.
(I thought that was kinda cool)"

So do I, as I have been thinking about this new year and each day,
as a New Beginning.