January 27, 2010

Vision Calendar

My word for 2010 is IMPROVEMENTS.
After looking at Erika's Vision Calendar
I noticed the prayer flags in the window. 
I wanted a Vision Calendar that would some how be able to be worked in fabric.
I decided to make mine look like a this because our intentions for the year seem just a prayer.
I wanted a word that would convey something forward but also a word that would not be so big that I might feel overwhelmed by it's greatness and my smallness.
IMPROVEMENTS came to me in a couple different ways, and since it is twelve letters I thought it was perfect. 
Each flag has the month of the year on it.  I am thinking of doing these in a 'snail cloth' way that will reflect what I have improved over that month.

This is my table where I am working on carving linoleum stamps.
I am hoping to improve in making more lino cuts this year!!