March 11, 2010

My Magic Garden

"All the worlds a stage and we are merely actors."

I wanted to create a magical stage that I might add little pieces
that could be moved around and played with.

When I was a child I really enjoyed creating the scenes or props for my dolls.  
After I had kids I enjoyed giving them props and 
watching them in their environment.  
I think this is just a extension of playing and having fun.

The Spiral - a symbol.

(This cloth was made for me by Ancient Cloth.  Thank you!!!)
The Spiral
For me the spiral mean Expansion.  
It is a Unfolding of a seed.
It is Growth.
It shows a Journey and
a logical Progression.
It starts from Within and moves out...
But also what is out can also effect what comes in.
Ebb and Flow.
 Yin and  Yang.
It is not about speed.
It is not the shortest distance between two points.
It is about Digestion,