February 2, 2010

Feburary 1 What Is On Our Desks

I am working on the I in my Vision Calendar prayer flags. 
The little Select Tomato box came out of a box of tubes Joe got today.
I think it will make a cute sewing caddy.
Working on printing book mark, I have made a lot of proofs.
If anyone wants one of my proofs just email me for my address and send a self address stamped business sized envelope.

Isaac was building a "new" computer for his mom and dad.

This is Joe's antenna table.

Joe's project on his table.  It is either a receiver or a transmitter or an amplifier.

Joe got a box of goodies yesterday.  The large tube is a television tube for a camera in the 1950's.  Joe said they would rotate these tubes.  After a while the tubes would start to see through the persons clothes and they had to be given a rest.  So the TV stations would have about twenty of them that they would rotate through like a snake in the box.
The other little boxes are television tubes that are also used in Ham Radio gear.

This is Winston's desk.  He is learning how to program his new Micro processor design board.

I didn't get Catherine's desk....another day.

Low Tide

It is dusk and Winston went out and took this picture.  

As you can see when the tide goes out the boat just sink into the mud.
Reminds me of this quote:
Warren Buffett quote - It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked.