March 2, 2010

Spirit Cloth - The Fig

 Ancient Cloth's Spirit Cloth that she made for me; blogged about here.

The symbol of the figs represents PASSION. 
It means living a SUCCULENT life.  
I like the fact that it is organized as a pointalism of the tiniest seeds. 
The seed, to me, represent intentions followed by actions.  
As those intentions and actions ripen 
the fruit is sweetened and the aroma becomes fragrant.  

 To me this symbolically represents an authentic life.
A life that is connected through WISDOM and PURPOSE, 
to be lived for the design that I have been put on earth for.   

In my own art work of the figs I have put passion flowers around the edge. 
Living life on the edge requires that you be flexible.  
The catalyst for passion in creativity
 represented the ELIXIR of life, THE FIG. 

Figs are a small decadence that I give myself ever summer.  
I love taking pleasure in the small things of life.