February 25, 2010

Spirit Clothe - The Eye

This is the Spirit Cloth that my friend Ancient Cloth made for me.  

I picked the Eye as a personal symbol because it represents the Window to the Soul.
The Eye also represents Vision.
I wish to see things clearly, and also at different depths.

'The White Wizard' is a beaded barrette that I did for 2008 Bead Art Journal.
(I just wanted to show you something that I made with the symbol of the eye.)

To have Vision is to be able to think for one self.
To chart ones own course.
To be intuitive.
Being an individual.

The Eye also represents a Seeker of the Truth.
The one who questions conventional wisdom.

One who questions authority, 
when the purpose of authority is to remain in power.
And the best way for this to happen is to keep the people ignorant
and to not have the capacity to THINK.

A single eye is an eye with a Purpose.
An eye that does not waver to the left or to the right.
A Bulls-eye, one that is determined to hit the mark.

Maybe the eye has other meaning for you.
I hope that you will share them and 
enlarge the meaning of the symbol of the eye for me and other.