April 9, 2010

OINK the Pig

When we lived in Oregon, Winston was 3 and he wanted a elephant.  We couldn't get him an elephant, so we got him a pig instead.  We built a fenced in place up in the woods.  But our pig was social able and wasn't used to being quarantined.  As a result we were never able to keep him in the fenced in area for longer than 15 minutes.  He laid around the yard and the chickens would follow him and clean up after him.  He would run up in the woods and get muddy in the stream. We had a huge gas bottle and OINK would knock it over and turn it on and it would just spew gas. When we walked OINK went on a walk with us.  It was kinda scary because it was a country road and there were a lot of blind curves.  We were afraid that someone might hit OINK, and we would be responsible for it.   So one day Joe decided to tie OINK up.  We had an old farm tractor and we chained OINK to that using a VW seat belt for a "leash" around his middle.  Oink grew and grew.
     One day I was getting Winston and I ready to go to town and Joe started screaming.  He was in the Pig pen getting it some food when he accidentally got the chain wrapped around his leg.  I really didn't know what I could do because if the pig jerked one way the chain would probably tighten.  So I just had to hold my breath and watch.  Fortunately nothing serious happened.
     When OINK was really small he was adorable but when he got big, it wasn't hard for us to turn him into ham and pork chops.  OINK provided the best bacon we had ever had.  It didn't reduce in the pan but held it's shape.  It was also totally delicious cooked on a wood cook stove.  YUM.

 This gives you an idea how big the hexagons are.

 My goal is to quilt everything I can inside the hoop and move it over once a day.

I really enjoy quilting.
Last weekend I bought the new thimbles.  
I really like the gray one, and I am going to go back and get one for my thumb.