January 8, 2010

Black and White and Red all over.

Well this might be a good time as any to introduce you to a mistake.
I sometime get really excited about making something and only after about half way into it do I realize that it is going to be a flop.  This was what happened with this tea cozy I decided to make for Ancient Cloth.

She had mentioned a special cloth that she bought from the New England Quilt Museum. Oh boy, I thought I have some 'special' cloth and I hadn't figured out what to do with it.  I will make it into a tea cozy for AC.  Right. Here is the cloth.

I got this fabric from Alma Stoller before she was featured on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine.
I had entered a quiltie in a contest that she was having on her yahoo group.

This is called Emotions.
It is really my first slow cloth in the sense that it was done slowly...lots of hand work and I discovered a lot of wisdom in it.  I explained this when I posted it on her yahoo group.
The orange lady is joy ad the green is fear but in between these two is the one that could either be anger or depression (anger turned inward).
When we are depressed or angry we are not really expressing our fears or joys.
We are stuck.

The other 'special' cloth is this nice red cloth.

couldn't really see it?

I took a class with Ann Johnson on Quilt Design.
She passed out a scape of her hand died fabrics to each participant.
I have never found just the right place for this piece.

I had just the motivation I needed to overcome all obstacles of fear.
But then realized this isn't going to work.
Will show you in my next post what I decided to do to "make it work".

To be continued in next post.