January 5, 2010

Having Tea!

I have been slowly emerging from the holidays.
I have been cleaning and rejuvenating.
I have been rereading my journal from last year,
and contemplating the directions I would like to take in the new year.

To help with all this, I have been drinking tea every day.
Sometimes in the morning, and sometimes before bed.
Sometimes it has be a tea bag
but often it has been mint tea or chamomile tea out of my garden.

The best part of all has been having this tea cozy to help celebrate the ritual of having tea.
This tea cozy was given to me for a Christmas present by my friend Ancient Cloth.
How many different words are there for how much this means to me?
I love it!
  It so represents my heart and my journey and our friendship.

She sent me a note with the meaning of the different symbols,
and a special note about the moon fabric.
She wrote, "The butterfly emerges from the pain and fears we face.
Of course the stars are all connected.
The moon fabric I used is from the New England Quilt Museum for In The Beginning.
(I thought that was kinda cool)"

So do I, as I have been thinking about this new year and each day,
as a New Beginning.

The book, Having Tea, in the photos, is my very favorite tea book.   The middle picture shows a loft space with an artsy tea setting.  I love the idea of an Alice In Wonderland Tea party and would love to have some funky tea cups and tea pot.
The third photo is titled Having Tea in the Country and features using old crockery with a cork as a thermos for the tea.  Romantic to say the least. 


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a greeting card I did years ago, "Tempest in a Teapot," with a little teapot, the lid flying off, and a big black storm cloud with a lightning bolt emerging from the top of the teapot. I love the Alice in Wonderland tea party, too ~ it's on my back burner for a card one of these days. I'd have to design a dormouse in the teapot for that one!

I'm contemplating the new year, too, wondering where I am going, exactly, for I don't really know. It will be an adventure! I look forward to seeing where the new year takes YOU! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...

I like the image of "Tempest in a Teapot."

I look forward to seeing a Alice in Wonderland Tea party card.

Sometimes I think it is nice to know where you are going in the new year and some times I think it was nice just to go along for the ride and pick up this and let go of that with out any plan. I am trying to figure out how to balance it all. Because too much structure and I find it tedious and boring.

So far one of my goals has been to not wash another kids plate. And since Sunday I haven't. I told them in exchange for them doing their own dishes I would fix them really good meals...which sometimes I have been so burned out on spending so much time in the kitchen cleaning I don't have the creative energy to develop a yummy meal plan. This has worked out really well for everyone.

Louise Bird said...

Presents from friends that are imbued with the kinetic energy from their own hands are the greatest gifts. Giving time and talent, how lovely! I love your tea cosy. Tea and all its ritual has a special place in my heart to. Happy New Year!

Quilt Architect said...

You are right about the gifts being imbued with kinetic energy. I would love to know all about your tea rituals. I had a English friend that fixed me a beautiful tea with tea sandwiches and shortbread. She wished she could have provided slotted or is it clotted cream, but our cows don't produce that here in the US. lol.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely post!
: )

Anonymous said...

p.s. you make the tea ceremony beautiful and special just because of who you are.
: )

Louise Bird said...

Black Indian tea with milk, and sometimes sugar, is the great British mitigator. The kettle is put on and tea is made to comfort ,calm and console. To greet and celebrate, to pacify and deliberate. The minute you go to someone for a visit, you are offered tea. A cuppa can sort anything out. It is a silent communicator, which is installed in our custom as a communal ritual. Tea is so much part of our way of life, it`s incredible omnipresence has become
the most familiar and subtle household rite. We love it!

Louise Bird said...

Oh, by the way thats clotted cream. But, slotted cream is funny.