November 25, 2009

The Door to Change

 It has been brutal being out in all this wind, so naturally I am looking for an escape.
The door to change is not the name of this door.
I will name the door after I have thought about what to embroider on it.

I used to live at the Piano Factory in Boston near Tremont and Mass Ave.
It was a community of artist.
In the artist spirit they encouraged you to paint your own door.
I had never thought about using my door for an canvas before, have you?

What would your door be like?  What would it say about you or how you feel about living where you do?

What colors would you use?  Would it be loud or soft?
Would you go outside the line and extend your painting to the walls?
Would it be exciting or tranquil?

What would your door look like if you were thinking about living in a desert with no water, or electricity?...except for what you brought in or made.
These are the thoughts that I am having as I work on my wall hanging, Dug Out.