November 19, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

On one side is a cat and on the other side is a dog.  The background fabric has raindrops on it.
In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, it rains cast and dogs for 6-9 months of the year.

Catherine made this block when she was 8.  We won the rest of the blocks in a raffle from the Coos Sand And Sea quilting guild.

I designed the bags.  I made the bottoms out of denim cut from a pair of jeans.
The handles are made from the waist band and the button is the button from the pants.
Catherine sewed the lining and the strips of fabric to the block.

I took a long strip of fabric and folded several times to make a tie. 
Then I made a loop in the tie to go around the button.  

I made one of these as a gift for my friend at Ancient Cloth.
We have been email each other for quite sometime and she sent me some fabric just out of the blue.
I told her that I would make something and put a piece of her fabric in the mix so that
it would remind me of her and the 'something' would remind her of me.  Her fabric is beige.
These bags also remind us of another special artist that we have both been influenced by
and that is Jude at Spirit Cloth.

Here is Catherine.