January 4, 2010

Art Swap, Barter and Trade

Today I have officially lunched my new blog:
You will find three of my hand carved linoleum cut prints.
I have traded different kinds of art with artist before.
Some of the trades I have been involved in included ATC, art dolls,
quilted pages, tip-ins and postcards.
It is fun and inspiring to get art from other artist.
I am really excited about starting this blog this year!!
Happy New Year!


The fearless threader said...

Ooh, how does this work, I have things I'd like to swap with you, also prints, but using polystyrene plates rather than lino or woodcuts.

Quilt Architect said...

Email me your address.
My email is on my profile, and is
Tell me which ATC you want...see my new blog...Why didn't I give a link. I will put one in right now.
It is also located on my profile page.
And I will send them in the mail this week.

Lynn said...

Wonderful idea!!!!
Will keep this in mind.
Let me know if you see something you want on my blog this year!

Anonymous said...

Years ago I had a booth in several different art shows. I'm very shy and so it wasn't really quite my cup of tea. But I did love it that all the artists traded with each other. Your idea could turn the blogging world into a huge arts and crafts show, with bloggers trading arts and crafts with each other. Good luck to you on this!! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...

Thanks to Lynn and her ATC blog I decided to follow her idea.

I always wanted to go the the Country Fair in Eugene. I had a friend that went their and traded an object for a talisman. It was really nice and esoteric.

So secretly I always wanted to go and trade art at a barter fair with some other like minded ones. I am sure that their are others like me that would like to connect in this sea of information in a more tangible way through art...a 'person'-al way.

I don't plan to do a lot of trading. But a few a month would be fun.

Iviva Olenick said...

Great idea. I love the images you've posted here. They are lovely. The recipient will be so lucky.

arlee said...

As owner of 3 of this "line" i can attest to the quality :} They are wonderful!

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you!!! You make my day!!!