December 30, 2009

Miro Page 13

It has been a while since I posted any of my Miro pages from my study book.
I like the exagerated arms and gestures.  I think it is very daring and shocking to have
the caracter sticking out his tongue.

"Gradually Miro became more and more disgusted with the commercialization of art, with "the guy who buys a canvas as an investment."  He even burned some of his canvases, in part for "the joy of being able to say merde to people who see art only for its commercial value,"   he told the journalist Santiago Amon.
    Through out his career, Miro had considered the artwork itself as being only the means to a spiritual end, "Besides," he onced asked,  "do I have to remind you that what I detest most is what is lasting?:  What is lasting, in this centenary retrospective, is more than indivual works; it is the evidence of Miro's uncompromising path toward self discovery."
from Arts and Antiques October 1993


Lynn said...

I love the look of your banner now!
Your art is funny in the journal...odd characters these!
Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Miro seems like a pretty extreme
dude! But, he was on his spiritual
path so what ever it takes to become
Love the new banner and fun to see your Miro journal.
: )

Quilt Architect said...

Yeah I think Miro was pushing the social bound with these characters. They remind me of my kids and how they try to push my buttons.

I think that is what is so interesting about Miro is that he saw art as a journey. I like thinking about it that way as well.

Thank you both about the banner. Need to remember after all the distractions of the holidays just where my focus is. I have taken a bit of a break and now it is time to get busy.