March 11, 2010

My Magic Garden

"All the worlds a stage and we are merely actors."

I wanted to create a magical stage that I might add little pieces
that could be moved around and played with.

When I was a child I really enjoyed creating the scenes or props for my dolls.  
After I had kids I enjoyed giving them props and 
watching them in their environment.  
I think this is just a extension of playing and having fun.


Anonymous said...

I like your magical garden and I am sure there are many symbols and meanings : )

Quilt Architect said...

I like to just play, and in playing I often find symbols or meanings ...but my first objective is to have fun. I don't have any symbols that I know of so far in this cloth.

I am glad you like my garden.
I just made it from scraps that i had lying around. It was just suppose to be something that would not require any "planning".

When I started Coyote Wind I didn't have a plan, I just needed to start doing something. Over time and what I was dealing with while working on it, spoke to me and the symbols developed from there. I think that is what I like about working on a slow cloth. There is not pressure to "produce", just to keep coming back to the needle and thread.

Sandra said...

Oh, i love these colours, you've matched them so well.


Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Sandra.

T said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it means that I found your blog with all these fun colours, designs, and beautifully stitched slow cloth. Your work is beautiful