March 17, 2010

An ancient video of a top that Winston made

This was made about three years ago.  Look at how small Catherine is?  She is really going at it chewing her chewing gum.  We didn't buy that for them very often so that was a real treat.

  I thought I would share this because I don't have a lot to show in cloth right now.  I have been cleaning house and cooking.


Louise Bird said...

That is some top spinning action. Love it. Genius runs in your family then
I always called house work `Karma Yoga`, cleanliness being next to Godliness if you like. (Or work avoidance tactics!)

Quilt Architect said...

I like that the Karma Yoga. I find that I have a lot of avoidance tactics but housework is probably not one of them. Housework probably frees me to get more creative things done...but in the beginning I resist it.

Sandra said...

I've been cleaning the house too.I don't like it....but seeing it as Karma Yoga might help, and what you said about it freeing you to get more creative things done.I always think it stops me from creating. So I must think this over. And this commercial made me feel fine again.