July 5, 2010

Lynn Stopped By Today!!!

I feel very blessed with a visit from Lynn at Getting My Feet Wet.
Lynn and I have been blogging friends for almost a year.  When we had an earthquake in January she emailed me to make sure we were ok.  She is thoughtful and extremely creative.

Well today she came by for a visit.  She brought her husband Fred.  We had a good time having show and tell.  She gave me a couple pillow cases that she had embroidered on her trip.  I  wanted to get them on here before she gets home.

They are so beautiful.  They are the nicest pillow cases I have ever owned. 
Thank you, Lynn.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pillowcases. How much fun to meet "bloggy friends" :)

the wild magnolia said...

How wonderful, the visit from Lynn and her husband, and the beautiful embroidered pillow cases! What a great gift.

Good to see you on blog.

Quilt Architect said...

It is so nice to receive visit via blog world from you two friends. It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun.

I have been busy, but this month should be a little calmer.

Lynn said...

Becky, our visit was too short. How I wish we'd had more time to sit and talk, just the two of us. But I LOVED seeing and touching all of your beautiful art work. Your quilts are incrediable! I loved and was inspired by them all.
Your son was such a sweetheart to take care of us till you arrived home too. He showed us such a good time with his airplane flying. DH is going to make one just like it I am sure of it. He enjoyed it & meetng you all so much too. I'm glad I got to meet your DH as well!!! ;-)) I am glad you like the pillow cases. It was relaxing to do in the car on the way to you. I had fun reading all the CPS mags you gave me on the way home. Thank you for your generous gifts. Hugs from me.
Next time longer!!!!!!!!!!

Quilt Architect said...

Lynn, you totally inspired me. You are such a dynamic person and so incredibly sensitive to my art. Thank you!!!

Lynn said...

Becky, I guess we share inspiration back and forth then!!! As you certainly inspire me!
I am working on my blog post for our visit and it will appear in two days. I am blogging each day of the trip in order one day per post. So yours has to wait a bit as it was further along on the journey. ;-) Hopefully worth waiting for. Hugs again!!!

marianne said...

Oh what lovely pillow cases! But to meet a blogpal in real! That must have been fabtastic! I hope to do so next month.....can wait!

have a nice weekend!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

These pillow cases are lovely. I too received some of her handiwork on pillow cases. Love them. I just saw Lynns blog post abour her visit. I loved your quilts she posted and you Garden by the water. How cool is that. Sent you an email about the Deer. Been so busy it took Lynns blog post to remind me to do so. But hey its summer time. :))

Erika C. said...

Glad you had such a nice visit! Maybe you and I will have a visit some day. Though we are a little further apart geographically.

I haven't been blogging for a while. The summer with erratic camp schedules for my kids-is tougher to find the time to blog. Even now, I feel like there are a million other things that I have to get to in the little time until my kids get home.

Happy summer!

love, Erika