January 11, 2010

Black and White

When I see this now I can't help but thinking about the earthquake.  But I actually made this last week and finished it Thursday, way before the earthquake.

  I was really excited to use the black and white fabric.  I wanted to make something you might see at the MOMA.  But when I got through with the black and white piecing I thought the world was spinning around and around.  I thought I will never get these lines and dots to hold still.
I am not sure that I have now either.
But going with the idea of modern art and a tea cozy I decided to create the cup and saucer theme.
After I got through with it I wasn't really happy with her expression.  She just looks confused.
I think fitting that there is a question mark on the side of her head.  But there is also a yellow spiral which seems to me to show that she is going to use her imagination.
She is going to get out of the

I understand this kind of thinking.  When I get looped into the duality of two different opposing forces I find myself in the SLOUGH OF DESPOND.   I want the way I want things to be to match the way things are.  I want the lines to be parallel...everything going in the same direction ...the way I want them to go.
when I get in this mode of thinking I stop treating people as humans.  I start resorting to the more efficient method of treating them like machines.

I have to stop my self from REACTING and start CHOOSING MY RESPONSE.

Otherwise I will wear this dull expression and shut down emotionally.  I am not able to connect to others and no one is on my side.  I feel isolated, alone and miserable.  This is the side of anger turned in.

I am a rather deep thinker and doing these kinds of cloth are the kinds of conversations that I would like to have with a human...but it is so hard to get on that level because we lack time.  But I desire, crave and delight when something has come up from the well that is really SPIRITUAL in nature, to me anyway.
I really feel it is a gift to me, to show me THE WAY.


Anonymous said...

I really love black and white with color ~ I think it is so very striking and powerful. This is a wonderful tea cozy! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...
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Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Kari, I would love to live close enough to invite you over for tea.

arlee said...

i used to use that phrase "the slough of despond" on my answering machine--it's still a great expression--don't sink into it sweetie---SWIM!

Quilt Architect said...

I like that Arlee. SWIM! great idea. Even if you can't swim you can tread water.

I am not sinking right now!

But I can say there have been low moments after the earthquake. But after seeing Haiti...I feel that our earthquake was nothing and am very grateful...I mean just shocked at the difference.

Anonymous said...

I think her face looks sure and strong...not confused. She is a strong spirit, not weak. The piece looks like a modern piece of art...beautiful!

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you. Maybe it is the yellow stirrings that are giving her that look of determination. She definitely is not satisfied and change is in the air.
Tomorrow I will be posting the other side.

Lynn said...

I love your tea cozy! She is quizical, magical, dizzical, fun, and thoughtful/and provoking.

Love how you used the black and whites and love how you wrote about it all. Way to go!!!