January 14, 2010

The Gold Blog Award !

A few days ago Erika at Every Days a Present gave me a Gold Blog Award. When you visit my page and you press on that star you will go to Erika's blog, which has been an inspiration for me.

I have been rather busy but have been wanting to accept it properly and to also pass out my own Gold Blog Award.  Here is a list of blogs that have been especially inspiring to me in my journey.

Writing Up a Storm, because Kari has helped me to see writing as fun and enjoyable...and usually it feels stifling and tense.  When I read Kari's blog I see it is just a relationship with words between friends.  Being visually oriented I have had trouble with words.  But Kari is multi gifted and she uses images to help us that are so challenged.  I love her prose and pictures.

I have also enjoyed the prose of  Iviva Olenick at Were I so Besotted.  She reminds me of romantic love and the roller coaster ride that it can be.  I also like the fact that she has embroidered these bits of prose on linen and made them immortal.

Lately I have been inspired by Textile Art Quilts by Lynn.  What has really got me fired up is her gutsy attitude when it comes to making art.  She says she just started making art two years ago and has had quilt shows and has made connections in the art and textile world that are helping and supporting her growth.  I think she is a great example of what I want more of.

Ancient Cloth has been a real friend to me.  Her friendship has been cultivated like the slow cloths that she sews.  She has showed me how to take things as they come not to be so in a hurry.  To trust more and to believe that all will work out if we exercise patience and love.  She is a giver.  She has taught me how to do the Slow Cloth technique.  I love the way her cloth as a feel of grace and a human hand of kindness.

Arlee at Albedo Design Journal makes me laugh.  She has such an incredible sense of humor and she knows just how to find my tickle bone.  I can "see" what she saying...and I think that is a gift.  I also love the same colors that she does.  Vibrant, rich, exotic fabrics all inspire me.  She is an experimenter, and an alchemist of color, a daring soul.  Here is some more eye candy of Arlee's.

I don't crochet...much.  But I really like the way Louise Bird at Science Crochet and Other Hypothesis thinks.  I like reading "long thoughts" that have been worked out in solitude.  I can tell that Louise has had a lot of long thoughts.  I enjoy reading her perspective.  She is a woman that is interested in science and math, and these were my favorite subjects in school.  Would love to have a 'cuppa' with her in her crows nest.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you so very much! What a lovely, lovely compliment to me. And I love it even more that something about my way of writing off the top of my head, or my heart, more likely, has helped you feel freer in your writing, too ~ that is just so magical. Thank you! xo Kari

Louise Bird said...

Thank you so much , this has brought a tear to my eye. X

arlee said...

Thank you Becky! I will treasure the thought :}

Lynn said...

I am honored to be honored and in such good company. I will return to check out all these wonderful bloggers art. Thanks for the intro to all of them. Nice of you to share. And I will post the award on my blog. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I am humbled and honored to be among those women who inspire me too! (you included!)
Big hugs xo

Erika C. said...

Thanks, Becky, for the acknowledgement. And I look forward to looking at these other blogs.

Take care,


Quilt Architect said...

It is so nice to have all of you as my cyber-friends, which really is so "science fiction" isn't it. My husband has this cool radio on his computer and it reads out the signal strength in wave patterns. I told him that I wish I had had one of those radios as a kid. He said I would have had to be in a UFO. I thought you know he is so right.
Our world has change so much since we were kids...and we used to think that of our grandparents.

Iviva Olenick said...

Thanks so much for this public affirmation of my work. You are such a warm member of the blogging community.