October 3, 2009

14 Secrets to a Happy Artist's Life

1. Find 3 good things every day, whether they are experiences, or objects, or both. Find a way to use them in art.
2. Make everything special. Embellish your life.
3. Look for Fairy God-mothers and Angels. Be ready for experiences that will delight and surprise you.
4. Play more often.
5. Look for the smiling faces.
6. Wish everyone a happy life.
7. Find something to love about where you are everyday.
8. Make art everyday.
9. Create time for yourself.
10. Honor thy grandmothers as much as possible. (Of course grandfathers need honor too, but historically       and  culturally we are a little weaker in the honoring grandmother side of things.)
11. Play with the grandchildren as much as possible.
12. Create beauty with what you have on hand.
13. Make art with friends. Make art as gifts.
14. Create a list of secrets for a happy life and pass it on.

I got this from a wonderfully inspiring blog called:
14 Secrets to a Happy Artist's Life..

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