October 2, 2009

Miro's Study Journal Page 5

Why should someone decide to do a style study of an artist?  When my children saw me drawing and coloring the works of Joan Miro they thought his wook was childish.  They wondered why I wanted to "waste" my time draing like a child.  At first I thought it might be a waste of time but if so it was a fun waste of time.  It was hard to really do it wrong since it was child like.  I enjoyed the freedom that this allowed me to explore composition and color without feeling hung up because I didn't have good perception....or even stress over details in concerning color.. 

Here is an aritlce on developing you own style by trying on a few different artist. 
It reminds me of the AA saying.  "Keep what you want and forget the rest."  That is what I have done in drawing the Miro Study Journal.  These pages are not to be rendered as copies but they simply contain the elements and arrangement that I like.  Sometimes I would like one thing about a painting.  I would draw a collection of these favorite details on a page till I had a picture..  I tried to arrange these things in ways that pleased me.

I have been using what I have learned from this study journal to create a book cover for this journal.  I am presently working on the book cover.  The first one that I made for it was too big.    I really like translating my interpretation of Miro Style into my embroidery and thus making it my own.  I will be posting pictures of my first attempt at making an embroidery book cover soon. 

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