November 29, 2009

Flowers - A memory quilt

I made this quilt in 2007.
The quote was taken off of a post card that I had written and sent my mother
after the death of my little girl, Sarah. She was 15 months old.
Sarah died in a tragic accident, that was a shock to us all and left a hole in my heart.
My mother sent me this post card back in 2006.  I had not even remembered writing it.
I thought the words were so meaningful
that I wanted them to be on something that would not get lost or torn,
so I decided to put them on a quilt.

"Winston and I just picked some flowers and I put them in the rose bud vase.
I think how each one of us is like a cut flower one day we will perish.
If we stay closed because of coldness, God does not enjoy our beauty (walk)
or fragrance (prayer life).
It is only when we open up to Him that he can enjoy us.
Sometimes to preserve us God chooses to press us.
God's will be done!
June 5, 1992"


marie said...

Very "touching and moving" beyond

Diva Quilts said...

I, too, lost a child, my little Issac, 8 years ago this past August. He was 18 months old.

I'm so glad your mother's words gave you comfort and that you preserved them in this way.

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Quilt Architect said...

Diva Quilts, thank you for sharing your loss. My third child's name is Isaac. He has brought us a lot of laughter, which you know is what Isaac means.
The words were not my mother's, but mine, written under the pressure of grief.

Quilt Architect said...

Diva Quilts
I decided to edit my post to make it a little more clearer about the quote being my own.
Thank you