November 24, 2009

A Stitched Paper Journal

This is the cover of my Stitched Paper Journal.
I have not bound the book, because I find it easier to work with loose pages for stitching.

Abstract Page 1
Lynn wrote that she like the idea in my profile of using paper plates with holes punched in them to teach young children to sew.  I told her that I would try to find one of the paper plates that I had stitched as a little girl, but I was unable to.  Probably went the way of all things. 

Sun Spot page 2
The idea for the book at first was to be a dictionary of stitches.  Stitching paper worked well for single stitches but I felt it would be a challenge when it came to stitches that needed multiple holes and some ease.
My husband is a amateur radio operator and is always checking the space weather for sun spots.
Right now we are in a solar minimum and it should be getting a lot colder.

Spiral page 3
I was listening to music, which is what I usually do while I am working on this book.  I was thinking about the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the stitches.  I was thinking about them being a beat either close together or far apart.  I think it is neat that the edge on the right looks like a negative of a profile of a face.  It wasn't intentional but it was appropriate, as I like to meditate while doing these pages..

Pomegranate Page 4
My son, Isaac loves pomegranates.  My daughter does too, but when I buy one I buy it with Isaac in mind.  I sat down one evening with Isaac and Catherine and we all drew together.  I drew a few sketches to do in stitches with conte crayons that I had bought recently.  I wasn't really thinking about how I would stitch these when I drew them.  I just was drawing quickly and without thought of "making art".

Abstract 2 page 5
It was Catherine's idea that we all draw together.  I wanted to do more stitching on my Dug Out quilt, but she reminded me that I really needed to work on drawing more.  Catherine is a really good artist.  She loves to do faces and the anatomy.  I am hoping that one day she will put her work up on Flicker or create her own blog.  Right now she is working on making a book of her drawing like I am doing these stitched pages.  I think she has about 5 or 6 of them done. 

This is the back cover.  I got this fabric as a gift from Ancient Cloth.  I like the two different fabrics in the same book.  I am planning on using a Coptic stitch for binding this book.  It will have 40 pages when it is done.  I am hoping to have it done by the Dec. 31.


Iviva Olenick said...

This looks like a fun project. I love the pomegranate, and the front cover.

Lynn said...

I am truly intrigued by your new paper and cloth stitch book.
I look forward to seeing more and more pages as they are created.

Just to let you know I have two big paper Turkey/Thanksgiving Dinner plates and two small red paper dessert plates with holes punched around the outer edges ready, along with big eyed needles and yarn to take to my grand kids on Thursday. It will be our Thanksgiving project! I think I'll make a plate for me as well. I'd love to do this with them.
Thanks again for the idea. I promise to blog photos of their creations!


Hello Quilt Architect I think your embroidered paper and thread book is a great idea. You had asked me to take a look and leave a comment so I was just thinking ... you could lace a different coloured thread between two rows of exisiting stitching to create more texture. You could experiment with various ways of lacing the thread. I've done that in my little secret tropical garden piece.
The secret tropical garden piece is reversable and both sides are quite different. I imagine the pages of your book could be worked on to make them reversable. A little something from the front trailing onto the back as well as something from the next page. It might just be colour that makes that connection.
I hope that helps. Will come back to see your book. Guess what you've inspired me to try and make an accordion fold book using paper and embroidery. Happy Book making!!!

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you for the ideas.

I was laying in bed dreaming about your 'tropical garden piece' and was wondering how you got the loose squares to stay where you wanted them while you were stitching one side. My mind is still spinning to wrap my head around that.

I think the accordion stitch book would be very cool.

I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the stitched book. It is fun to hear about where the inspiration for each one comes from.
The one that is shaped like a spiral was inspired by the music. I immediately thought of sound vibrations and how they create. i.e.
cymatics. Also reminded me of the spiral of a sea shell. It is nice the children join in to draw too.
I am happy the fabric is useful : )