January 29, 2010

High Tide

Today there is a high tide. 
some 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser full Moons of the year.
The drainage pipe there is to let the water that is in the street drain back into the canal.  
This could cause serious flooding if there were for example a lot of rain or 
a wind surge.

I told you before Christmas that I was going to be adding a section I called Fossils.
I will be writing more about this in the future.
It is interesting how I started this before January and how much it looks like the cracks of an earthquake.
But it also resembles the cracks in the desert from a parched earth.
Today I want to finish up a hand carved lino book mark.   
I will be printing it today as well.



Kari said...

I love the view you have from your window ~ very storybookish! And thank you for the information on the moon. I think you must have a very scientific inclination. I'm looking forward to your "fossils." My husband collects old sun-bleached bones (deer, coyote, rabbit) from his canoeing adventures, and I used to take them to school to let the children study them, and play with them, too. We called them our "dinosaur bones." Sometimes he brought us fossils in rock, and that was wonderful, too. xo Kari

Erika C. said...

I looked at your photos of the high water and thought of the wonderful movie I watched last night called "Trouble the Water" about the Katrina hurricane. It is an amazing true story about a woman who documented the storm while it happened. Afterwards she (she is from one of the poorest neighborhoods of New Orleans) meets some documentary film makers and they use her footage to create a movie that is probably the most true to what really happened there.

I love your art and your photos. Things seem to be finally winding down with my son. It has been a very difficult week. Hopefully next week I will finally get to do art again.


Quilt Architect said...

At a library that we used to visit in another town they had exhibits of some ones collection of skulls. I thought that was really neat...and wanted to do the same things...but was always afraid of getting some wild bug...or Joe tell me I should just have left that on the beach. One day there was a fox floating in the water on the beach...but i thought maybe it is a protect animal and they will fine me for having it. They do this for Owl feathers unless you are a Indian. I don't really know all the laws associated with this. Evidently in CA you are not allowed to collect wild flowers off the side of the road. So I will just have to admire other's collections.
I used to be a rock hound when I was a little girl. My mother gave me an egg carton to decopage and I tore little pieces of paper from magazines and glued them to the top of the egg carton. Then I would keep my collection in the different compartments inside. I guess I was five years old...but I have a love affair with rocks. I will have to take some pictures of some of the rocks I have collected.
Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keefe used to have a competition between them to find the perfect rock. Ansel finally found the perfect rock. When Georgia saw it some how she thought she had found it and took it home with her. she wrote Ansel and told him that she had found the perfect rock. He went to look and sure enough his rock was missing. I love this story.

Quilt Architect said...

I am sure that you are getting a lot of ideas for your ATC cards. I am glad things are settling down for you.

I will have to look for this film.
Joe went out last night and took pictures of the low tide...it was a huge swing for a tide...from high tide to low.
I will post them soon.

Thank you both for visiting my blog!!!

the wild magnolia said...

Not to discount the rising water it seems you live in land of lush green and dark soil. Beautiful. Wishing you low tide and no damage.

Beautiful book mark.

Anonymous said...

I like the direction the quilt is going with the fossil aspect. It seems mysterious at the moment..
I am amazed at your hand carved stamps. Fabulous!