February 12, 2010

Setting the Stage - Vision Calendar


I have finished my January
While cleaning up I found these little triangles that
I  paper pieced.
It was a fun way to make a stage for I .

January was about setting the stage for improvements.
I worked on cleaning and organizing my house, so that
straightening up the house would not be so taxing.
 I also created good habits of picking up everyday.
I made a grocery list that I had laminated so that 
I could put it on the refrigerator and check off the items I needed.
  I just picked up the list and was ready to go.

I wonder what February's flag will be?
It is like a treasure hunt for the month, trying to find  improvements.


Anonymous said...

Organization makes life so much easier. Takes a lot of the stress away. : )

Kari said...

I love your Vision Calendar, and I am looking forward to watching it come into full bloom as the year progresses! Happy Valentine's Day! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you,
Happy belated Valentines to you both. We had a great Valentines day.

Sandra said...

I think your vision calender is great! I brings into vision what you have accomplished and for January that was a lot! Normally we forget what we have done and only see all the things we still have to do. To be honest that is one of my themes, perhaps such a calender would be a great help for me too.