March 4, 2010

TEEPEE - Symbol


The teepee represents the family for me. 
It represents a journey shared with others going through this world with God 
(the tee-pee points up) as a guide. 
It reminds me of Abraham who searched for a city whose builder and maker was God.  
I have never bought a house, because I enjoy moving around.  
I wanted to experience a lot of different places. 
I have collected houses...different kinds of structures, and thus different living experiences.
A house is a stage we live our memories on. 


 There was a time when I wanted to have a baby in a tee-pee, but that didn't happen.

This quilt was inspired by
the year 2003 Feb comet ...the corrona of the sun looks like the eye of Ra and 
Van Gogh's Starry Night.  Did the star declare something to the earth? 
I don't know but I like historical quilts and wanted to make one.
This is the "spirit cloth" that Ancient Cloth did for me.  
I blogged about the Cicada,

This Video is for Lynn and all those that want to come and lend a hand.


the wild magnolia said...

Your comments encourage me to ask myself what things mean to me and why.

Creating art from life is wonderful enough, going a step further with symbolism, gives insight we can apply and use time after time.

Great post.

Lynn said...

I didnt' have a baby in a tee pee either, but I did live in one mostly on weekends for a summer in the early 1970's. Had a tredle sewing machine out on a deck around it too. We were up on a hill over looking a valley on land owned by friends. We were pretty hippy-dippy in those days. I loved the smell and the feel of the energy in the TP. We thought it was quite powerful. Another life time ago.

Quilt Architect said...

Oh are so cool. I was a child in the early 1970's and my parents would have been afraid of anyone with that much "freedom". When I moved to California they knew there was no hope for me.

I hope to do that in my next life. I didn't even get to live in a tee pee....but my parents said that we were professional campers when we lived in a "little" house that didn't have electricity in Oregon. We got solar, wood cookstove, gas stove, and had a gravity fed spring. It was a the ultimate hippy experience ...for 100.00 a month. Reminds me of by Kate Wolf

I just edited my post to include another youtube video of Kate Wolf for Lynn.

Wild Magnolia,
Thank you for visiting. I am glad this post has caused you some personal reflection.

I hope everyone will thinking about their symbolic language.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I too am still thinking about my own personal symbols.

Anonymous said...

I believe that comet is what some people call the "Blue Star Kachina",
Love that symbolic.

Kari said...

Oh, I love teepees, too! I did a project with teepees with a third grade class once. We made paper teepees and decorated them with Native American symbols and our own symbols, all mixed together, with a few hobo symbols thrown in, too. I wish I had kept them, the kids made such wonderful art teepees. I love the teepee you put in your quilt, such fragile lovely colors. And that Kate Wolf song is beautiful! xo Kari

Suzanna said...

Thank you so much for the video of Kate Wolf. I loved her shows and it is wonderful to see her again.