May 5, 2010


Here are two of my hexagon flowers. 
I wanted the flowers to have the motion of opening up. 
So I made the center a more solid looking small print, 
then the middle section was a little medium size print 
and the last row around the flower a large print.
The flower on the right is from material that my grandmother
sent me.  
It reminds me of the beautiful flowers in Breckenridge, Colorado where 
Joe and I went on vacation with her and my Aunt Aurie.

The Pink Pig flower, is a scrap from a short pant/ dress that my mother made me.
I think it is kinda funny that I picked out that fabric.
I wonder what I was thinking?
I know that I loved to smile and be funny...and so this fit my personality.

I wanted the quilt to have some pictures on it so that one could make up stories.
I really like this farm flower, with all the farm animals.
At the time that I put the large flowers together
I didn't have that many different scraps of cotton fabric.
Fortunately a friend in Alabama, had been sent a huge 
box of scraps from her mother and she allowed me to pick through
the box and put together my flowers from the scraps in there.
I don't think I would have had all the flowers finished
in nine months if it had not been for her.
Isaac made us this wonderful loaf of Challah bread with rasins last night.
It was soo good.


Suzanna said...

These hexagons are really lovely. It's great having fabric from family and childhood clothing; they have a sweet feeling to them. And the bread is making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

The quilt is really beautiful. A testament to your patience! The bread looks divine! mmmm!

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Sharron and ancientcloth for your comments. The bread was delicious and even better then next day...unfortunately there wasn't enough of it left.
Quilting a hexagon is not really very exciting and it is very time consuming so that makes it seem "slow". I really enjoy this sometimes because it frees my mind to before action.

the wild magnolia said...

You must be so pleased with your beautiful flowers. How wonderful for the unexpected scraps cotton fabric.

The bread looks yummie!

Hope you are doing well!