May 26, 2010

March - Vision Calendar

March flag is about giving up coffee.  
I had a very strong coffee habit. No, rather it had me.
The coffee made it where I did not sleep well at night and then I felt tired the next day,
till I had another cup of coffee.
If I stopped drinking coffee I would get a headache.
  It was also causing me problems with my teeth and gums.  

But I loved coffee.
DH and I had a date that involved going out for coffee on Saturday mornings.  
I just thought I would show you my coffee pot collection.  
Coffee was as much about making it and steaming the milk as drinking it.
March was also the month that I got my hexagon quilt 'Moonflower' basted and ready for quilting.  
 I was exploring personal symbols as well and so I included the symbol of the cicada. 
I like the way I did the letter P and am going to go back and heavily fill in a satin stitch around the letters I and M of my other two flags.


Lynn said...

Good luck with the adjustment away from caffiene. Sleep and no more headaches will really be nice. And then maybe maybe you can enjoy a cup every once in a blue moon, but just one, not a habit.

The quilting, embroidery is wonderful!!!!!

the wild magnolia said...

Oh...I just love the March flag and the inclusion of your life moments!

Great job!!! :)