October 20, 2009

Lighting the Candles

It is getting dark outside so we lit some candles.
We are not on the grid (the electric grid).  It is incredibly quiet here, except for....


Nancy said...

I love your use of fabrics to tell your story, here. The coziness of candlelight is very well represented in the richness of the colors. Not on the electric grid? Where do you live and how do you blog?

Quilt Architect said...
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Quilt Architect said...

I didn't live here. I visited this community in New Mexico. I was thinking about living here. I have lived off the grid before however. Living off the gird is a challenge but it doesn't have to mean you don't have electricity. There wasn't any at this place...because there was no one living there at the time we visited. I am writing a fictional story mixed with some truth. This place was on the Llano north of Socorro, New Mexico.
I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Nancy said...

I have always lived in cities on the east coast, so talking of living "off the grid" is a foreign concept to me. The west seems to favor alternative living much more than here. We moved a year ago out of the city, a novel concept for us, and I researched solar and wind options. Residential wind turbines that are above the tree line are banned in our town as in most of the towns in the state. Solar is still too expensive an option for us.

I've been drawn to the west for most of my life strangely enough. I love New Mexico for its soulfulness. But my city slicker skills wouldn't get me too far out there, so I've resisted the urge to move west.

Quilt Architect said...

It really does challenge your pardigm. We traded our tv for example for a Brio trainset for my little boy. It was a great trade!!
We never went back to watching tv...although we have since replaced alot of that time on the computer (: now.
We were young and it was a hard life living off the grid...maybe because we also got our water from a spring that ran in back of the house...in the backwoods of Coos Bay, Oregon. When the spring dried up we had to pump and haul our water out of a creek and filter it.
I had a baby in the house by kerocene, beside a wood cook stove.
There were salmon slapping up the creek in the moon light the night he was born.
Well you only get to live once.