October 22, 2009

The Wind

The wind was constantly blowing. 
It nearly blew us off the road on the highway.
It was a cold and steady wind. 
As it got darker it started blowing harder.

Our friend told us that the wind blew constantly in April and May.
It never stopped,
it just kept blowing.
I am not talking about a breeze.
I am talking about Wind.
And I wondered could I get used to that?
The idea really scared me.

He said that when it stopped blowing you think that something has happened to your hearing,
because all the sudden you don't hear anything.
It just stops.  Like an off /on switch.


Kate said...

Wow. That's so lovely.

I took a long bike trip once. The wind was the biggest challenge - more than the mountains, the flat tires, the ticks(!). It felt like mother nature yelling. I like your wind much better.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you,
I see that you live in Portland, OR. I wonder if you have made the trip down the coast on 101. I used to live in Coos Bay, OR. We used to live right on the Bay. The wind coming off the Bay would be cool enough and hard enough that even on a sunny day it was uncomfortable and would drive one inside.
If you continue on down the coast you will see trees that have been permanently sculpted by the wind.
Those trees really exhibit for me tremendous COURAGE.

jude said...

i love your portrayal of the wind. nice eye ( of the storm maybe)

Quilt Architect said...

Hi Jude,
You are always an inspiration! Thank you for stopping and leaving a message.

Yes, the wind does for tell that something is brewing. It passes through and warns and disturbs everything. It is a strong wind and knows no meekness. It leaves everything bare...and it is best that you have everything batten down or you may lose it.