October 12, 2009

Mosaic Monday

1. Microscopic Image - Synapses, 2. Schumann Piano Extravaganza, 3. fireflies, 4. The Dreamcatchers (please bless me with sleep ...)

The first image really interest me not only because it was inspired by a class by Susan Sorrell...but also because it is done in a pointillism type  of artist style.  I find it really beautiful and inspiring.

I think number 2 would also lend itself to embroidery very nicely.  I like the movement in this artwork.  I can feel the music.  I don't know why I have gotten on this embroidery kick lately.  Well of course I do, when I decided to do this sketch book then i thought it would be nice to do the cover with an inspired embroidery piece.  I have been doing to quilting but right now it is utarian type of quilting.  I have been making a couple of jean quilts...have been tying this for the past couple of weeks. So I haven't been thinking too creatively in the quilt making direction except that doing embroidery is a small scale study of color and shape and form and will lend itself to bigger projects when I have more time...which means when I finish the minual task of  tying these two quilts plus a wool quilt that I made and have sandwich together.  I might say I feel like I got these done just in the nick of time as it is really starting to get cold.  So much for global warming??  I will get pictures of these as soon as I can...and that might be a while as I need a place to spread them out.

The fire flies.  I love the little fire  coming out the back.  I like puns like that.  I also like doodles and really need to start doodling more.  So this square is in my Monday Mosaic to remind me to doodle this week...warm up with doodles.

Number 4 is just intense.  I love all the symbology.  I think that this was the main reason that I wanted to study Miro...to study symbols.  I really like this kind of art work, it is colorful and intense and solid.  Again a type of doodle.  Reminds me of the 70's and the kind  of art work we used to draw on our jean 3 ring notebooks.

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