November 11, 2009

Coyote Mountain

This is a fictious mountain that I made up for this quilt.  I thought about how we used to go hiking around Lookout Mountain...and there would be different faces of the mountain that people would call a name based on what that rock face reminded them of.  I read a folk tale about how Rattlesnake Fools Coyote, it so spoke to me about my own mountains in my life right now.

The story starts out where Coyote invites Rattlesnake over for dinner.  Rattlesnake accepts the offer.

The next day Rattlesnake arrives for dinner. Rattlesnake comes up the sidewalk rattling his tail.  He arrives at Coyote's front door and knocks on the door.  Coyote answer the door and Rattlesnake rattles his tail.

"Hi ssss Coyote." Rattlesnake greets Coyote.

"Come in Rattlesnake,".  says Coyote.. Rattlesnake slithers around the edge of the room rattling his tail.  He slithers all the way around the room till the door is opposite to where he rest.

 Coyote tries to stay just as far back from Rattlesnake as politely possible.  Rattlesnake continues to rattle his tail, which makes Coyote very uncomfortable.

Coyote asks him to make himself comfortable.  "I've made a nice pot of Rabbit Stew for us". 

Rattlesnake rattles his tail. and hiss, "I don't undersssstand that kind of food"

Rattlesnake says, "If you could get me the pollen of corn flowerssss,  thisss is the kind of food I  understand.."

Coyote goes out to find the corn pollen, leaving Rattlesnake waiting in is house.

When Coyote returns the Rattlesnake rattles his tail, and tells the Coyote to just place the corn pollen on the tip of his nose.

Coyote very carefully tries to split his body into two parts...where his hand almost seems dislocated from the rest of his body.  He then sprinkles the pollen on the snakes nose very quickly.  Rattlesnake shakes his tail..

Rattlesnake asks,  "Coyote could you put more on my nosssse ssso I can find it."

Coyote contorts himself yet again and holds his breath and puts more of the corn pollen on the snakes nose.  The Rattlesnake takes his long tongue and licks all the pollen off his nose.

"Thanks Coyote I am quite full.  You ssshould come to my house tomorrow for dinner." the Rattlesnake says as he slithers around the room, rattling his tail and exits out the door.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Lookout Mountain! We had a Flagpole Hill nearby when I was growing up, and I guess it was our "lookout mountain." I love the colors and patterns you are using. You have captured not only the feel of geological layers, but also a sense of going deeper, right into the curved center of the earth. What a lovely way to view those personal mountains that we all find ourselves climbing every day! xo Kari

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to see if I can leave you a comment with my name on it instead of a number! xo Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Kari,
I didn't know that this art work would become a metaphore that I could work through so many layers of my self in. I am surprised by how all this works in our life. I started reading the Vein of Gold in September, and she said that it was in our personal histories that we would find our vein of gold. So I think that I have discovered this vein by feeling my way around. Sometimes in the dark, and sometimes with more light from others. But constantly feeling like it is a guided journey of the soul.

I was wondering if you say the button Read More at the bottom of the picture. It might be a new feature for some and they may not see it.
I know you like stories so I don't want you to miss this one.

I broke up the link because I wanted to blog to look like more eye candy than a bunch of text. But I haven't mastered the art of saying little.

Quilt Architect said...

It should say"

I was wondering if you saw the button "Read More"...


I broke up the link because I wanted "the" blog ....

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you! No, I didn't see the "Read More" button. My husband will tell you I am the worst for not seeing things like that! I love the story, especially the extra ssssounds when the ssssnake sssspeaks ~ love that! And I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Also, I am a great admirer of Julia Cameron ~ more than that, really. I chanced upon The Artist's Way about 15 years ago, and that book has been my creative bible ever since. I've read all of her books, but now you make me want to re-read Vein of Gold again. Her idea of "little steps" helps me so much. When getting started seems overwhelming, I just get out the paper, the scissors, the fabric. I tell myself that's all I have to do today. And maybe that's all I do. But the next day I start cutting, and before I know it, I've got a piece of artwork done, just one little step at a time. xo Kari

Anonymous said...

Coyote mountain...that speaks to me.

Quilt Architect said...

Kari - I like the idea of little steps as well. Sark called them micro movements which helped me even more. She said that sometimes we need to get our stuff out of the drawers or boxes and give the air to breath. We can even put them away afterwords but it is important to just get them out and feel them and start breathing new life into our soul...through them.

Marie - I am glad you like totally speaks to me too...just you wait there's more.