November 12, 2009

Video Thursday - Paul Goodnight

Part Two
Part Three

I am so excited to show you these videos. This artist...Paul Goodnight, was a personal friend of my boys when we lived at the Piano Factory in Boston.  

Paul Goodnight would meet my children, Winston and Isaac in the courtyard.  My son Winston was like Thomas a lot of ways...but he used to be notorious for asking a lot of questions.   One of the simple answers to Winston's questions was Scubba Dust....How does or how do you was all attributed to Scubba Dust.  He was so much fun for my children and provided a lot of laughs for all of us.

The children and I got to go see his studio.  He was painting a large canvas at the time...and working from a  small sketch that he made..

It was a privilege for my children to have lived there...and it really did change their lives and impact them.

Isaac draws very good, and who knows maybe it was inspired by visiting Paul Goodnight and other artist at the Piano Factory community.  I will post more about the Piano Factory in my next post. I know for me I started seeing that artist were just human beings that keep creating.  I just need to keep creating.


Marie said...

Wow! that was an awesome interview
with Paul Goodnight and I love your comment about realizing that artist
are just people who keep creating.

Quilt Architect said...

I am glad that you liked it. I thought he was so down to earth in this interview...just like he is in person. I liked the way he described his Olympic swimmers picture...everything going in a circle. i like circles or growth and change.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know about Paul Goodnight. His art is magnificent! How wonderful that you and your children actually know him, too. And, yes, we must keep creating!! xo Kari