November 17, 2009

Rattlesnake Ridge

This is Part 2 of a Rattlesnake Fools Coyote.

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Rattlesnake Fools Coyote
Coyote accept Rattlesnakes offer for dinner.

Coyote was relieved after Rattlesnake left.  He couldn't believe just how incredibly uncomfortable he could feel and he wasn't going to let Rattlesnake get away with that, especially after he had gone to all the trouble of making Rattlesnake a Rabbit Stew.

So Coyote found an old dry gourd with seeds in it.  He tied it to his tail and shook it with his paw.  Perfect, he was all ready to go to Rattlesnake's den.

He crawled as low to the ground as he could, dragging his belly on the dirt.  He got grass in his eyes but it didn't matter, he was going to Rattlesnakes den in style. 

He knocked as Rattlesnakes door and shook his tail with his paw.  Rattlesnake answered the door, "Come in, Coyote," he said with a ssssmile.

Coyote still crawling on his belly and shaking his tail slinked around the edge of the den.  It was hard shaking his tail and moving but he managed as best he could.  Eventually he was opposite from the door.

Rattlesnake rattled his tail and said, "Make yourself comfortable Coyote, I have made us some nicsssse rat stew."

Coyote shook his tail and said, "Well Rattlesnake, that's just the kind of food that I can't understand."

Rattlesnake hissed in a low silky voice, "Well,  Wwwwhat kind of food do YOU undersssstand?"

"I perfer the pollen of the corn silk, now that's food that I can understand"  and Coyote shook his tail.

Rattlesnake went out and got some pollen of corn silk and left Coyote in the Rattlesnake's Den.  When Rattlesnake came back he slithering up the path and into the den.  He was balancing the corn pollen on his head.

Coyote said, "Now if you will just put the corn dust on the end of my nose so that I can eat it I would appreciate it."  Coyote crouched as low to the ground as he could and shook his tail with is paw.

Rattlesnake slithered close to Coyote and placed the corn pollen on the coyote's nose and rattled his tail while he worked.

Coyote tried to lick the corn pollen off his nose but no matter which way his tongue went he couldn't reach the tip of his nose.  So he asked the Rattlesnake if he could put just a little bit more on the tip of his nose." and again he shook his tail.

Rattlesnake came closer, his tongue flicked right between the Coyote's eyes and carefully place more corn pollen on the tip of the Coyote's nose. 

Again the Coyote tried to get the corn pollen off and again the his tongue went all around but without any success.  Coyote shook his tail.  "I think that I am very satisfied now."  he said with a yellow nose, "and I think I will be leaving now."

"I am ssssso glad you came over," Rattlesnake hissed and then rattled his tail as he open the door for Coyote.

Coyote very carefully crawling close to the gound slinked out of the Rattlesnake's Den, shaking his tail with his paw and wearing a bright yellow nose.

When Coyote got down the path he lamented, "I am such a fool.  I didn't get anything to eat and made myself look foolish in the bargin."

He went home looking for something to eat.


Lynn said...

I enjoy looking at all the details of your art.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Lynn, I am so glad you stopped by.

I really enjoyed your story of your Poppies Painting on your blog.

Sandra said...

I think it's really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I like how the coyote dressed up like a rattlesnake with the gourd tied to his tail! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Sandra for visiting my blog and commenting. It gives fire to these old hands to keep going!!

Kari, I really like that too. It is so funny, and I think that when you live in a desert you need to have something to laugh about!!!

For some reason the song "Just a Spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down." popped into my head. It was a favorite song of mine as a child and still is as I have children.

Anonymous said...

I love this piece. It is so cleverly
done. You have really brought "movement" and "life" to this one.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Ancientcloth! It is kinda funny how these things grow and ideas develop; concepts that you never thought of when you first put the fabric together come to life;...It is like a mystery that you are trying to discover.

arlee said...

Check your Flickr email please--i have a request about a photo of your work :}

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you.