January 20, 2010

Ancient Cloth's Tea Cozy

 Ancient Cloth got her tea cozy in the mail yesterday.  I was in a hurry to get to the post office so I didn't have time to write her a "proper letter" explaining all the symbols.  I got that in the mail Tuesday.  I told her to look at the symbols and see what they say to you.  You might come up with things that I didn't think of. 

So that is what I want you to do as well.  While you wait for me to write the meaning that I intended, what are some more layers of meaning in the symbols that you see?


Lynn said...

Becky, this work is terrific. I love everything about it. I love the sail and I love the yarn legs and feet on the water bird. Your stitching is delightful as is your choice of fabrics and how you laid them out...love the water too!!!! Cute dangling charm too.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tea cozy! I really love the richness of the colors you choose. I think the snail is for slow cloth, for slowing down, for living in quiet contemplation, unhurriedly. And is that an egret? The whole scene with your wonderful white bird, perched on one foot, reminds me of the famous tapestry of the unicorn in captivity. Not that this is about a bird in captivity, but you have captured the beauty of that tapestry. Do you know the one I mean? Also, I love how you put unexpected images in your art, the snail, the scorpion, the snake. You are always full of surprises! xo Kari

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you both,
You are right Kari that the snail is for Slow Cloth...but I think I am going to give it a different name and meaning. It stands for Snail Cloth. And it isn't JUST about doing cloth by hand, or just about slowing down. It is about contemplative, meditation that leaves a trail of expanded awareness behind. A trail of thoughts and symbols that surfaced as we developed the art of putting our soul into cloth. I think the shell on the snails back reflects this expanded awareness.

The unicorn in captivity...hmmm.
I do see the reason you would think of that. I did think about the light and how I wanted the crane looks some what illumined. Also the water circling around could be seen as an enclosure. That is very interesting thought I hadn't considered.
Thank you,
I am still waiting for Ancient Cloth to get my snail mail.
So does anyone else have any thoughts about the symbols.