March 30, 2010

Love this Quote from Winston Chruchill

I love getting the Painter's Keys Twice-Weekly Letter.  When I read the quote below I thought of our boy named Winston.  He is going to love it when I share it with him.

In his remarkable little book, Painting as a Pastime, Winston Churchill said, "I have always had a curious nature; I enjoy learning, but I dislike being taught." Winston understood one of the basics of learning--self-direction--the way of the autodidact. He would have been proud to announce the triumph of independent curiosity.

I am waiting for the batteries to recharge to show you some things I have been working on.

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I haven't been doing as much on them as I would I think I am just making a micro movement to posting more on them.

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the wild magnolia said...

Winton Churchill is one of my favorites.

Hope you are feeling better. :)