March 31, 2010

Moonflower Quilt

This is a quilt I started for Catherine before she was born.

This is the center of the quilt.
The fabric was given to me by mother.
These are mother's favorite colors to wear.

It is for a full size bed with a two foot over hang.
I want to just show a flower at a time for now.
When I get it done I will show the whole thing.
I named it Moonflower because these flowers bloom at night.
The boys and I had been collecting and we had been researching moths that summer.
Isaac found a very large caterpillar that summer, we put it in a jar and it made a cocoon.  
We went to the library to find out what it was, but we weren't able to identify it till it hatched out.
Winston had found a couple very large moths that turned out to be the same breed as the caterpillar.
One of the moths was a female and she laid all her eggs in the large gallon jar.
They are active at night.

Not the same moth as the ones the boys found.
But I guess for me there was this connection.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors of the quilt for Catherine! Very pretty. Once I saw this beautiful moth that was as large as my hand and a color of green
that was bright. Magical!
I like the name moonflowers.

the wild magnolia said...

Lovely moonflower, beautiful handwork. Handmade with love is the best.

I love night blooming flowers.

Being able to see a cocoon hatch is something I would like to see.

Thanks for sharing.

Erika C. said...

Beautiful, thanks! You are an inspiration.


Kari said...

I think the idea of a moonflower blooming in the night is beautiful and powerful, too. Catherine will treasure this quilt, especially with the connection to her grandmother, too. Lovely work of art! xo Kari

Sandra said...

This is a quilt with great value, connecting three generations of women! such a lovely idea!

Quilt Architect said...

Magnolia, the boys really wanted to see the moth hatch from the cocoon as well. Winston had tried to rig up a buzzer that would go off if the cocoon moved. The little caterpillar moved quite a bit when the alarm accidentally went off, while he was wiring it. He never could get that, experiment to work. As it happened, the moth hatched while we were in town.

Thank you everyone, I plan to tell you more about it as I quilt it.