December 4, 2009

Becky's Gallery - Wool Quilt

This weekend I am going to be tying my wool quilt.  Right now it is held together with safety pins. 
I made this quilt in 2004. A friend gave me a collection from the 1960's of shirting samples from Pendleton wool factory. 

My goal is to have this done before Christmas.


Lynn said...

This is and will be georgous! What a gift those samples were. So warm to curl up in this blanket. I love it, I truly do. Have fun tying it off.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you Lynn, It makes it easier to tie when you think of the community of quilters that you "work" with on this "net" of blogging.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! I love plaids!
It looks sooo cozy. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, warm, cozy quilt! I love to wear plaid flannel shirts, and in the winter, I love to wear one of my own and then, on top, a slightly larger one of my husband's, with two different patterns of plaid that contrast and yet complement one another. I feel so cozy inside my layers of plaid flannel ~ your quilt would have the same wonderful effect! xo Kari

arlee said...

Funny--i quite honestly hate plaids---but i LOVE this :}

Anonymous said...

I love the plaids. This quilt looks
like it will be sooo cozy!
Very nice. What if you stitched words
in hidden places like:
"be cozy" "I am happy and peaceful",
etc. Just positive thoughts. That could be a little secret.

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you all...I have been so busy running around I haven't put one tie in yet...but I will get busy this week. This quilt is really long and that is the part that goes from head to foot of the bed. The bottom gets flipped up over the feet for my husband who likes something extra on his feet. The middle is a double layered of batting and the sides just single. It was a new experiment but I really like it. If the sides are too heavy they tend to pull down on your legs and feet, making your feel bound in my opinion and then my legs ache. I have to have a "back door" for both my husband and me, otherwise it is a tug a war all night long. lol This worked out perfect...I have it on my bed, easier to remember to put some ties on it...and it is cold and we need it.

Iviva Olenick said...

Oh, this is beautiful. It will be wonderful to use.